Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Cover protects your business against costly compensation claims sought by their clients, if they have made mistakes or have been found to be negligent.
Compensation may be required in order to correct a mistake, or possibly cover any legal costs due to negligence, such as giving incorrect advice or making errors.
You may require Professional Indemnity Insurance if you:
    * provide an advisory role for your clients
    * are responsible for handling client data
    * are responsible for a client’s intellectual property
    * Advisory/consultancy roles are often vulnerable to negligence claims when your professional services may fail to meet a client’s expectation and cause financial losses. If you operate within this business sphere, it is wise to protect yourself against claims with Professional Indemnity Insurance.
We offer a range of different insurance policies and packages and provide a personal and bespoke service to guarantee you the individual attention you require.
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